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It’s now or never

It’s now or never BY jeltca26 Case Analysis “R. E Construction: It’s now or never” A. Situationer Background The fact in this case raise some of the most fundamental questions concerning the manner in which engineering firms engage in the practice of profession. Problem Statement The problem in this case is the manner Engineer A seal plans that has not been prepared by him or which he has not checked and reviewed in detail Problem Analysis Because of the size of the organization and the large number of projects being esigned at any one time, Engineer A affixes his seal to a documents he have not give a detailed review or checked.

B. Assumptions Insufficient number of Engineers that have authority to seal and sign the documents C. Alternative Course of Action Professional Engineer may ethically seal all the documents they prepared and assume legal responsibility only for that in which he possesses understanding and Engineers may accept assignment and assume responsibility for cognizance. coordination of an entire project and sign and seal engineering documents for the ntire project, provide that each technical segment is signed and sealed only by the qualified engineers who prepared the segment.

D. Recommendation Engineer A or the chief Engineer shall give a detailed review and check the design of the project and plans prepared by his registered engineer. Professional engineer that work under the supervision of Chief Engineer may also seal and sign their prepared documents as long as they have a proper orientation and training. May consider hiring additional Chief Engineer that will sign and seal reviewed documents.

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