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Sequoyah Stevens
August 31, 2015
Demar Richardson
Journal Entry #3How important do I think mechanics such as spelling, punctuation, and proper formatting are in writing? Example what would writing be like if there were no such standardsI believe that having mechanics in writing is very important. There are several important reasons why it is important to have such things as punctuation, spelling, and proper formatting in writing. As a writer we should always want structure in essays whether it’s trying to persuade the audience or telling a life story, there’s always a need to have clear and direct understanding especially for the readers. In a sense when writing a paper to persuade your audience and/or getting a point across, we wouldn’t want the reader to see mistakes and not be able to focus on what they are reading because they don’t understand the writing. The reader could possibly misinterpret, or just completely turn what they read into their own version. So once they finally figure out exactly what the writer was saying it will now be too late, and it becomes less enjoyable to the readers because they can’t get pass the errors. I feel like if we don’t or if we do not use these mechanics, our writing won’t have any structure, words would be all over the place, and all of our ideas would be unorganized. Not having these things, there would be short-text, abbreviations for words that most people use when texting or emailing. Writing papers with no mechanics will have writers writing as if they were in a face to face conversation or texting.
Describe how the language we use in writing is different from the language we use in everyday speech? Provide examples.
The language we use in writing is different from the language we use in everyday speech, because unlike everyday speech, writing is more permanent. When writing we don’t short-hand anything, we as writers don’t always receive immediate feedback for what it is we are trying to get…

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