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Lady Montagu

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Throughout history women have not been viewed as equal in society to men, but to Lady Montagu they are Just as important. Lady Mary is writing a letter to her daughter about her granddaughter’s education. To her, education is the most important thing a woman can have. During her letter she uses tone shifts, self flattery and first person pronouns to convey her point. Being a grandmother and mother, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu is very concerned with their futures.

She uses a demanding tone rather than a suggestive one to tell her daughter what her granddaughter should do. Later in the letter she uses a tone of resentment. During her time, women had to content themselves with something else and convince themselves that it was better for them. “… may be preferable to what men have… and won’t share”, she says, that hints at the fact the women have limited options and their opinions don’t matter that much. Education is very important to her because she believes that women can learn Just like men.

Lady Montagu often uses self-flattery to express her point. She once recalls and incident where her friend’s lover was tricking her and Lady Montagu comments that, it would have escaped anyone else of less universal reading than myself… ” Women learning and knowledge is still considered unacceptable, but Lady Mary Montagu knows that she needs it to avoid trickery and manipulation. She shows how she takes advantage of her learning and provides an example of how it can help her granddaughter and she uses an anecdote to support her claim.

She also expresses that the knowledge of the world is more important than the knowledge of words, by that she shows her daughter that her granddaughter will need to be book smart as well as street smart. The use of first person pronouns conveys a sense of superiority that Lady Mary Montagu uses throughout her letter. She shows unquestionable self authority and pride during her letter as well. Lady Mary once tells her daughter to tell her granddaughter to “read books in their originals… because they are “corrupted and always injured by their translations… “, by that she means don’t trust someone else’s interpretation and always think for yourself. She uses her instructive tone to correlate with her use of first person pronouns to seem superior to her daughter and granddaughter. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu uses her rhetorical strategies to show to her daughter and granddaughter how important their education is, as influential women.

She stresses to them over and over again to think for their selves and avoid unnecessary influence. It is very important to her that women get the credit they deserve for education. She says thing to her daughter that she can only say in private and she would rather not express in public. Her letter is a way of telling her granddaughter and daughter that education is the most important thing and even as women it should not be taken away or taken for granted.

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