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History and Social science
Fitting back in to Society

The most interesting social science topic, in world history I have ever personally come
across is the during and after math of world war two, mainly targeted towards Jewish
population. One particular fact I found interesting was how these individuals adapted after the
horrific events that where presented to them for about six years in a row. The Holocaust and its
aftermath left millions of refugees, which were mainly Jews who had lost most or all of their
family members and possessions, and often faced persistent anti-Semitism in their home
countries. Which is what leads us into the term of displaced persons, and camps for these
The original plan, in for this was to have the Allies, repatriate these “Displaced
Persons” to their country of origin. However many refused to return, to their home countries,
or were unable to, because their homes or communities had been destroyed. As a result, its
known up to as many as 250,000 stayed in displaced persons camps for years after the war had
ended. I personally have read many biography on this particular subject and, each story more
interesting and enticing then the last.
One of the biggest thing I found by reading some nay different peoples stories, was that
individuals, either wanted to talk about their stories with others or wanted to forget the whole
situation all together. One thing that that I did admire, was some Jewish survivors found it
almost therapy to motivational speaks in front of others, either at schools or museums, on why
how this tragic event started and how it ended for most. Some said by motivational speaking to
other was a sense of therapy, and was a way to progress different stories and point of views to
the rest of the world. Another aspect that many find interesting was each these Jewish
immigrants as they were seen now to the world, wanted to settle, in different places…

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