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legalization of marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana
Since the 1930’s legalizing marijuana has been an ongoing dance for some time now. Marijuana is also known as cannabis, THC, and herbs. The government classified marijuana as a schedule 1 type of drug. This means it has a potential to become abused by those who consume cannabis Tuturo, J (2013). This made the use of marijuana prohibited throughout the US. Prohibition created a controversy between whether to permit the use of marijuana for recreational use. The United States of America should legalize marijuana, to those who are 21 and older, because it is used for many different illnesses and symptoms.
To begin with, the United States of America should legalize marijuana. Currently there are 58% of Americans that agree with legalizing marijuana Barcott, (2014). Khamsi, R. stated “So it was not too surprising when two states, Washington and Colorado, became the first to legalize recreational marijuana in the November 2012 general election, albeit in limited quantity, for anyone over the age of 21”. There are about a dozen states already allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. He/she may obtain a doctor’s authority to choose marijuana as an alternative method of medication. Once the doctor approves the patient for this medication, the patient may go to a medical dispensary to get the prescription filled. Medical dispensaries carry a variety of strains, concentrates, and edibles. The USA placed taxes on all controlled quantities of the cannabis. The patient would then need to show proof that he or she is old enough to get the medication. Washington became one of the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in November, 2012. Also, Colorado is the other state to have passed the law to legalize marijuana, on the November ballot in 2012. “Signs of the new age abound. In Colorado, retail marijuana stores welcomed their first legal-age customers (21 and…

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