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Make Medical Marijuana a Choice

Make Medical Marijuana a Choice “Traditional” cancer treatments are on the rise and are in abundance. The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. A few of the lesser known are targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and stem cell transplant. Surgery is not only a treatment, but it can be used to diagnose and prevent most cancers. There are multiple surgical techniques, such as, full removal, partial removal, and some techniques are to treat a specific problem caused by the cancer itself.

Chemotherapy is the use of strong medications, which have been proven, to kill or amage cancer cells, to treat cancer. There are over one hundred medications that can be used in different combinations. Radiation therapy is the utilization, of high- energy waves, to damage or destroy the cancer cells(Mayo,”Cancer”). Sadly, all of these treatments have horrible side effects, which can start, as soon as the first treatment, and also have terrible consequences, many years after the initial treatment, also known as late effects.

When referring to the side effects, of the many surgical procedures, most of common problems can happen during, and/or after the surgery. The side effects during the surgery range from, hemorrhaging, or bleeding out in the middle of surgery, to the possible damage of other organs, and also the side effects after, could be as serious as a deadly infection. Chemotherapys side effects are what the average person thinks of when thinking of a cancer patient losing their hair, horrible spells of nausea, including vomiting and debilitating fatigue.

Managing these side effects include more medications, with more side effects to emanate. Late effects of chemotherapy include anywhere, from heart problems to developing other types of cancer. When using radiation therapy, the side effects are close to chemotherapy, with the similar possibility of developing another cancer, due to the treatment (Mayo,”Cancer Survivors: Late Effects of Cancer Treatment. “). These treatments, have saved so many thankful people, but why address side effects with more medications and more side effects; instead, let’s Just not deal with the medications at all.

Scientific research has proven medical marijuana to be a remarkable and nontoxic treatment, and possible cure for multiple cancers and should be a legal choice. It is ironic how the “big bad guy’, marijuana, omes out to be the key to unlocking one of the largest killers to human kind. In 1937, Harry J. Anslinger, convinced congress to pass the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the first federal law against marijuana (“Marijuana A Chronic History’). He is quoted as saying, “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death” (Anslinger, “Harry J. Anslinger Quote. “).

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