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Management Information Systems

Information: Concepts, Classification, Methods of Collection, Value of Information, Human as an Information Processor, Information Concepts and their Implications, Organization and Information, MIS and Information Concepts. Systems: Concepts, Control, Types of system, Handling System Complexity, Post Implementation Problems, MIS and System Concepts. Systems Analysis And Design: Need for System Analysis, System Analysis of the Existing System and new Requirement, System Development Model, Structured System Analysis and Design, Computer System

Design, MIS and System Analysis. Development Of MIS: Development of Long Range Plans of the MIS, Ascertaining the Class of Information, Determining the Information Requirement, Development and Implementation of the MIS, Management of Quality in the MIS, Organisation for Development of the MIS, Factors of Success and Failures of MIS. Choice Of Information Technology: Nature of I Decision, Strategic Decision, Configuration Design, Evaluation, IT Implementation Plan, Choice of IT and MIS. Applications Of MIS: Applications in Manufacturing Sector: Personal, Financial,

Production, Material and Marketing Management, Corporate Overview. Applications in Service Sector: Introduction to Service Sector, Creating a Distinctive Service, MIS Applications in Service Industry. Decision Support Systems: Concept and Philosophy, Deterministic DSS, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Knowledge Based Expert Systems, MIS and Role of DSS. Enterprise Management Systems: Introduction to EMS, Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Basic and Implementation,EMS and MIS. Technology Of Information Systems: Data Processing, Transaction Processing, Application

Processing, Information System Processing, TQM of Information Systems, Human Factors and User Interface. Business Process Re-engineering: Business Process, Process Model of the Organisation, Value Stream Model of the Organisation Factors Delaying the Business Process, Relevance of Information Technology, MIS and BPR. Case Studies: Case studies of various Companies to be studied by the students from literatures and visits to various Organisations and Companies. Reference Books: 1 . Management Information Systems

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