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Market Star Human Resource Management Analysis

Market Star Human Resource Management Analysis BY Bandit33x Market Star Human Resource Management Analysis Brief History Founded in 1988, MarketStar is a sales and marketing outsourcing company providing flexible retail, VAR (Value-added reseller) and direct sales solutions for the world’s leading and emerging companies. MarketStar uses skilled sales and marketing professionals and industry-proven go-to-market tools and intelligence to help clients accelerate sales and achieve market dominance.

Its proficiency in recruiting professional and dedicated outsourced sales staff that delivers actionable nowledge has enabled them to consistently produce predictable and profitable results. MarketStar was founded by Alan Hall in his basement in Ogden, Utah. MarketStar is still headquarted in Ogden, Utah, but serves companies all over the country. Now, MarketStar has approximately 2,500 employees worldwide serving clients in more than 20 countries on six different continents. MarketStar is a part of Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC)”the world’s leading marketing communications company.

This affiliation allows MarketStar to collaborate with other Omnicom Group members to better serve its clients. Dave Treadway, president and CEO since 2003, is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of MarketStar. Under Treadway’s direction, MarketStar has accelerated investments in thought-based leadership, including market analysis. MarketStar represents several Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett-Packard (14), Verizon Communications (17), Microsoft (44), and Cisco Systems (71).

MarketStar employees drive an average of $5 billion in sales for their clients each year. Characteristics of a good Human Resource Management Most Important * Employment Security * Selectivity in Recruiting Fair Wages/lncentive Pay * Employee Ownership/Participation and Empowerment * Information Sharing * Self-Managed Teams/Training and Skill Development * Promotion from Within Employment Security MarketStar is contracted to represent other companies, which implies that Job security is not guaranteed.

The companies represented by MarketStar could decide to forgo the services provided; causing a lack of Jobs for the teams that represented the dismissed company. In such scenarios, MarketStar does all possible to move the employees of the dismissed teams to other teams available. The downside to When certain MarketStar accounts close, the company may have no choice but to lay the employees off. However, in our survey, the majority of MarketStar employees felt fairly comfortable that Job security was available to an extent.

Some employees were even found in the situation of an account closing, but were repositioned and kept their Jobs as different employees in different teams. We feel the employment security at MarketStar is rated around the average score because even though there is no guaranteed work for life, MarketStar will help to keep their current employees with he business. Layoffs may come but mostly due to outside circumstances. Selectivity in Recruiting MarketStar helps many different types of companies and therefore attempts to place MarketStar employees to best fit the needs of their clients, other companies.

MarketStar posts Job opening on their website with a brief overview of their company and then the responsibilities expected of the opening they are seeking. Here is an example of a current Job opening in Ogden, UT for a Player/Coach Inside Sales Rep. Marketstar currently has an opportunity available for Inside Sales Player Coach who ill be responsible to work with the Inside Sales Account Managers to provide sales support and be responsible for outbound calls into prospective accounts regarding incontact products, services and provide leadership for the team.

Assist manager with day to day management of the team Identify needed skill sets, and teach those skills to those he/she supervises, both in individual and group settings Understand the industry and the client’s business objectives and develop and implement a strategy that will achieve those objectives Responsible for sales lead entry

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