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It is established by a group of international ommodity professionals with a combined experience of 100 years. Since its founding, Rhodium resources has been committed to attracting and retaining top talent for every role focused on clients with experience. Their team is highly experienced and collaborative executive team leads Rhodium Resources globally. The executive team is supported by some of the best talent in the industry and privileged to collaborate with extraordinary client colleagues. The core activities of rhodium resources Pte Ltd are trading of thermal and coking coal , ferrous products, rice and palm oil .

Currently capitalised with USDIO Million nd they are planning to increase to USD 25 Million by February 2014. Rhodium Resources Pte Ltd strives to be a leading trading house while conserving its strong Asian values. The man behind Rhodium Resources is Mr Cheam Hing Lee. Mr Cheam hails from Cargill which is USD 100 million dollar trading company. Cheam used to head Singapore Cargill and he was the director of the Singapore division. Cheam is 52 years old and he was one of the most respected and experienced employee in Cargill. He volunteered his resignation at 52 in 2011 to start a start up. This shows age is no bar tor passion .

He owns he company and ne is the managing company. director ot Rhodium is the one among the fastest growing trading companies in Singapore and the credit goes to Cheam who had managed to get USD 1 50 million dollars of trade finance lines by the end of their first fiscal year. Their first year top line was at USD 65 million and the second year touched to USD 200 million. Rhodium is now staffed with 20 employees and still going strong. Their business model lies mostly in giving credit to their customers apart from the deals that they trade on back to back where the margins are low. Date of Submission: 18-10-13

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