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Marketing Research – Gloria Jeans Eastwood, Libis

Our scope and limitation in our survey are coffee onnoisseurs, students and customers of Gloria Jean’s, Eastwood. We conduct survey by distributing survey questionnaires then collect and gather results. We first establish our Introduction composing of the background of the study, research objectives and scope and limitations. Background of the study gives you an idea about the atmosphere of the chosen product. Research objectives is concerning in the intention and purpose of our research. Subsequently, the scope and limitations of the study illustrate where we are going to focus with regards to the people involve in our samples in the survey.

After Introduction we proceed to the research design and research method followed by the analysis of data and lastly, the conclusion and recommendation of the research study. Doing these things we guarantee that the following researches are carefully and properly done. In view of the fact that toothpaste is a commodity product we aim to know the consumers preferences regarding to it. These studies assist coffee shops to improved their plan and strategies to increase sales and achieve victory in fulfilling and satisfying consumers effectively and We’re in a fast moving market.

Every so often, new innovations of products are introduced as well as next generation products. There are also continuing changes in pricing, consumer and trading promotions, advertising and positioning and repositioning. Marketing at the retail store level is also rapidly changing. A. Background of the Study We chose coffee shops because nowadays the coffee shop industry is having a place in the Philippine market. Coffee is part of every Filipinos lives that is why there is no reason for this business not to boom Our group chose this product because we ant to know how familiar the Filipinos in drinking coffee.

Our group wants to be familiar on what coffee shops are popular in the market and why are they familiar in the market. B. Research Objective * To know the consumer’s preferred brand of coffee shop. * To know what other preferences does a consumer wants in a coffee shop. * To know if price, packaging, flavour affect consumers’ buying decision. * To know how frequent do consumers go to coffee shops. A. Scope and Limitation The scope and limitation of our research are students from UST and coffee buyers at Gloria Jean’s, Eastwood.

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