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Am I destined to become a media journalist someday? These simple question bothered me since I am graduating student taking up Mass communication course. Will let see.November 15, 2014, Saturday I attended the class of Ms. Cecilia Rodriguez and we also have with us the Chief of Inquirer Mr. Nico Alconaba. It was a serious discussion that ends in joyful interaction.Actually before the discussion begins, there’s a lot of work comes out to mind, such as what will be the topic all about? Can I used it as tool for my future profession? Or should at last it will answer my philosophical thinking
Mr. Alconaba enter the room greeted us and sit. ‘‘Oh he’s cool ’’ that what pop up on my mind. And he begun the discussion, with a great introduction of his experience. And as he speak I also pictured it out. Code of ethics is what he’s keep on saying, come always on time, don’t let your contact waits you, it’s better that we as media practitioner will wait for them. It’s like in our practicum class that our professor always say ‘‘Do it right on the first time. ‘’Mr. Nico also added that it is fun to be on journalism because you can experience different journey as he cited going on the military area to cover news, it is scared but on the other hand the protection for media is always given. Writing is the best way to express our feelings and emotion, it is one way also of disseminating the current news like in the newspaper. Then I stop, think for a while and reflect, I’m on my right track, I personally cannot say that I’m a good writer, because there are times that my grammar needs to check, but the point is I love writing stories and making poems, it is my way on giving all the pain out, and shouting all the joy in my heart. And I keep on putting on mind it’s not the grammar the cost it’s the content that counts, the lead, the impact and the flow of my story, I feel also good when Mr. Nico shared a story on one of his co journalist, there was this on guy, who…

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