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Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana in Society’s Hands
Medical Marijuana is a legal drug in some states and is prescribed for different illnesses, both because it has been believed to help cure diseases and because it can alleviate pain. The legalization of marijuana has caused controversy regarding many specific issues, such as whether it should be used to treat children who are ill, how to deal with occurrences of unintended exposure to marijuana, and its (mis)use in today’s society. Considering all of these aspects of its use, and considering the fact that its benefits do outweigh its risks, marijuana should be legalized at the federal level for all fifty states and should be available for prescription by doctors for those patients who could benefit from it medicinally.
For some doctors, using medical marijuana is a quality (and legal) option for treatment, but others do not consider using it as such. In America, twenty states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana under the state law, and it has become much more acceptable for adults to be prescribed marijuana for treatment (Rollins). In the political world, supporters of medical marijuana are pleased to hear that they often have the support of presidential candidates like Al Gore. Al Gore stated, regarding the subject of marijuana legalization: “Some believe the November elections, which some political observers say could give control of the House back to the Democrats, may bring a change in attitude on the subject to Capitol Hill” (Web MD). More and more states are considering legalizing medical marijuana, even though the federal government has not sanctioned its use in all states.
Furthermore, while some states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, doctors and lawmakers in these states still question whether it should be used to treat patients of all ages. Mitch Earlywine asserts in Understanding Marijuana, “Careful research on humans shows…

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