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The Classical concert that I attended was the RGV Tuba Spring Concert
in Linburg High School at the McAllen High School auditorium. I was kind of skeptical to going to the concert, but I had to go for the music class. I also decided to take my children to see the concert so they too could be exposed to something new.
I did not know that this kind of a concert has been going on for their 22nd time. I also was not expecting to see people at the concert but there were a lot of people there. It was free of charge and to my surprise it was actually good. I really enjoyed it because a lot of the music that was being played was actually good. I even caught myself moving to the beat of some of them, the tuba has a unique and distinct sound that I really enjoyed. I would gladly go next year to see them perform.
At the concert they had a special guest that has performed with the euphonium in the U.S. Army Field Band that has been playing in Washington D.C. The name of the person is SSG Lauren Veronie. Lauren has a Masters in music in Euphonium Performance. You could see she really enjoys and loves music.
I would recommend this kind of a concert to anyone who has never been exposed to this kind of music and I am glad I had the opportunity to see the different types of music that are played.

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