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Reflective Essay – Rachel Begley
I can remember the night my mum and dad sat me down to tell me about how in a few months I was going to have a little brother or sister. Baring in mind i was only five when they told me so I didnt really know how people could just ‘have’ kids, to be honest back then I thought that the ‘stork’ would bring my little brother or sister when it had time. I guess that became a little confusing when i was able to watch my mums stomach grow with every mounth that passed.
Then before I knew it I was being woken up at around 7am on the 29th of December 2006. I never really knew what was going on all i knew was that daddy really needed me to take a bag of clothes and go down stairs so we could get in the car, then what felt like seconds later i was being rushed into my gran and grandads house. Back then i had no clue what was going on so i wasnt worried i went upstairs into my grand parents bed and fell back asleep. It felt like i had been sleeping for maybe two minutes before the phone rang, my gran answered and passed the phone to me letting me know it was my dad and that it was actually time to get up.
I cant really remember exactly what was said whilst on the phone but i know it pretty much consisted of “Rachel you’re a big sister, mummy had a little baby girl who was born at 08.06am weighing 7lbs 3oz” I can remember that when i was told i was pretty much speechless. To this day we’re still not very sure if i was just too tired to talk or if i was just so overwhelmed, but i guess for my sisters sake we say i was just too excited to talk. As i said before i cant really remember exacly what was said during the phont call but i know that i also chose my sisters name, Sophie. Supposidly it was a choice between Amy and Sophie and according to my dad i sounded pretty disgusted about the name Amy so I chose Sophie and…

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