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Napoleon I of France

Good morning your honour , ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, my name is AmarJit Sidhu, and with the help of my colleagues NuriJe Rustemi, and Hufsa Khan it is an honour to represent our client, Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte in this case before you today. You have heard the prosecution’s assumption that my client is guilty, disregarding the fact that the so claimed eye witnesses, have a negative bias towards Mr. Bonaparte and are here on the ill terms of hateful revenge.

The alleged charges f crimes against humanity the prosecution brings forth to you today, are fabricated to draw the impression that Mr. Bonaparte single handily harmed his French citizens, when really he allowed them to flourish. Mr. Bonaparte continued the development of infrastructure within France which aided trade, encouraged the development of industry through tariffs against foreign goods and subsidies, and loans to French businesses, he reformed the currency establishing the Bank of France, created the

Napoleonic code, a uniform legal code which regularized commercial practices, and reformed the systems of weights which facilitated trade by simplifying both internal and cross border trade. Sitting before you today is an enlightened, philosophical, and strategic political leader, but we are forgetting one crucial detail, we are not dealing with an animal but rather a human being, and much like you citizens of the courtroom he is not only a man but a father, with a loving wife and children of which he confides to each and every day.

This man is capable of bringing into his home, Hortense and Eugene, two children and treating them much like his own, being a father to them like no other, holding a deep devotion to his children. How might one rip a father away from his children? Instilling an innocent man with the pain and anguish of being torn away from his family, and loved ones, ladies and gentlemen my client, Mr. Bonaparte is innocent. Finally I would like to implore all of you , present here today, to ask yourself this ” did you feel safe under Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule? “

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