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The SENCO will co-ordinate, with the support of the headteacher and within the ontext of he schools aims and policies, the development and implementation of the SEN policy (in line with the Code of Practice) in order to raise achievement and improve the quality of education provided. Contribute to the development of a positive ethos in which all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and which contributes to pupils spiritual, moral, cultural,mental and physical development and in preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience for adult life.

Support staff in understanding the learning needs of pupils with SEN and the importance of raising heir achievement. Ensure that the objectives of the SEN policy are reflected in the school development plan, the effective systems are in place to identify and meet needs and that they are co-ordinated, monitored, evaluated and reviewed and the success of these systems are revised annually.

Monitor the progress made in setting objectives and targets for pupils with SEN, assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching and learning, and use the analysis to guide further improvement. Advise the headteacher and governing body on the level of resources required to maximise the achievements of pupils with SEN. Liaise with and co- ordinate the contribution of external agencies. Analyse and interpret relevant national, local and school data plus research and inspection evidence to inform SEN policy, practices, expectations, targets and teaching methods. . The SENCO should seek to develop,with the support of the headteacher and colleagues, effective ways of overcoming barriers to learning and sustaining effective teaching through the analysis and assessment of pupils needs, by monitoring the quality of teaching and standards of pupils achievements and by setting targets for improvement. The SENCO will: Suppo tn rt e identification ot and disseminate the most ettective teaching approaches for pupils with SEN. Collect and interpret specialist assessment data gathered on pupils and use it to inform practice.

Work with pupils, subject leaders and class teachers with tutorial/pastoral responsibilities to ensure the realistic expectations of behaviour and achievements are set for pupils with SEN. Monitor the effectiveness of resources, appropriate teaching and learning activities and target setting to meet the needs of pupils with SEN. Develop systems for monitoring and recording progress ade by pupils with SEN towards the achievement of targets set. Support the development of improvements in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, as well as access to a wider community.

Identify and develop study skills to support pupils in their ability to work independently and learn more effectively. Support other staff in developing pupils understanding of the duties, opportunities, responsibilities and rights of citizens. Know how to recognise and deal with stereotyping in relation to disability or race – inclusion issues. Maintain effective partnerships between pupils nd the schools staff so as to promote pupils learning. Provide information to parents about targets, achievements and progress.

Develop effective liaison between schools to ensure that there is good continuity in terms of support and progression in learning when pupils with SEN transfer. Develop effective liaison with external agencies in order to provide maximum support for pupils with SEN. 3. The SENCO supports staff involved in working with pupils with SEN by ensuring all those involved have the information necessary to secure improvements in teaching and learning and sustain staff motivation.

The SENCO will: Help staff achieve constructive working relationships with pupils with SEN. Encourage all members of staff to recognise and fulfil their statutory responsibilities to pupils with SEN. Ensure the establishment of opportunities for the SENCO, learning support assistants and other teachers to review the needs, progress and targets of pupils with SEN. Provide regular information to the headteacher and governing body on the evaluation of the effectiveness of provision for pupils with SEN, to inform decision making and policy review.

Advise, contribute to and where appropriate co-ordinate he professional development of staff to increase their effectiveness in responding to pupils with SEN and provide support and training to trainee and newly qualified teachers in relation to the standards for the award of Qualified Teacher Status. 4. The SENCO identifies with the support of the headteacher and governing body, appropriate resources to support the teaching of pupils with SEN and monitor their use in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

The SENCO will: Establish staff and resource requirements to meet the needs of pupils with SEN and minimally advise the headteacher, senior management team and governing body of ikely priorities for expenditure and allocate resources made available with maximum efficiency to meet the objections of the school and SEN policies and to achieve value for money. Advise the headteacher on the deployment of staff involved in working with pupils with SEN to ensure the most efficient use of other teaching expertise.

Organise and co-ordinate the deployment ot learning resources, including information and communications technology and monitor their effectiveness. Maintain existing resources and explore opportunities to develop or incorporate new resources from the wide range of sources inside and outside the school. . Liaise with the headteacher and the Governor for Special Needs on budgetary decisions. 6. To be aware of and adhere to applicable rules, regulations, legislation and procedures e. County Council (Equal Opportunities Policy, Code of Conduct), national legislation (Health and Safety, Data Protection). 7. To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of undertaking duties for the department. 8. To be responsible for your own continuing self – development, undertaking training as appropriate. 9. To undertake other duties appropriate to the grading of the post as required.

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