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Online shopping among people in Hong Kong

Nowadays, online shopping is even more popular than seeking out entertainment information and news, two commonly thought of activities when considering what Internet users do when online. Online shopping behavior, also called as online buying behavior, Internet shopping or buying behavior, which are refers to the process of purchasing products or services via the Internet. People nowadays in the world are not only shopping through walking around the shopping mall, however are preferred to shop internet sometimes.

Consumers find that shopping online is time saving, no time limited, hopping without leave apartment and sometimes can purchase cheaper products than buying from retail shops. Those mentioned benefits are some of the reason why people shopping online. Aims: The research is going to conduct an interview to find out the online shopping trend nowadays in Hong Kong among adults such as their online shopping habits, reasons, purposes; the factors influence consumer’s attitudes and behavior of online shopping. Research Questions: Semi-structured interview will be conducted in this survey.

To conducted semi- structure interview is because a semi-structured interview is fairly open framework hich allow for focused, conversational, two-way communication and they can be used both to give and receive information. Not all questions are designed ahead of interviewing time. Some of questions are well prepared for starting the interview and for entering the topic but some of the questions are created during the interview if there are some valuable information can be find through the interview, which allow details or discuss issues.

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