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Organizational Communication.

II. Organizational Communication. The success of an organization demands communication with and among all the organizations’ members, suppliers and customers. Supervisors must keep open airways where employees can send and receive information about the process of their task. Communication coupled with the sharing of correct information is vital. Communication in an organization, for it to be credible the message must be clear to the staffs, departments within organization and their external customer and receiver must interpret it in the way the sender intended. Most of the error in an operation occur when the communication is not properly implemented and sometimes it costs a lot of money in correcting such error,when in fact it could be avoided. For the organization to succeed in their operations, quality in all aspects of their dealings should be implemented, not only to the their external customer but to the internal customer as well. This can only be possible if there is a proper implementation of communication within the whole organization. It is true that when a person is under stress or going through a difficult circumstances in life or simply not feeling well, his or her interaction or dealing with other people or in a certain situation will be affected. As a college intructor, the knowledge I have acquired about the topic, I can use it in my daily interaction with my students by keeping in mind that in order for me to properly convey the purpose or objective of the subject I’m teaching them, it is necessary to be patient with them always.

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