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Organizational Effectiveness Case Study

Camille White
Organizational BehaviorOrganizational Effectiveness
An effective organization is one that is capable of implementing strategy in a way which satisfies the needs of customers, shareholders, and employees.
The Note on Effectiveness article was an interesting and informative article. Reading this article will be beneficial to me as a Business manager major because as a general manager, organizational effectiveness is one of your major task. I learned that you must understand and shape organizational behavior in order to have an effective organization.
The article began with Understanding Organizations Require a Systems Framework. This means without a systems framework, an effective organization may not be achievable. The article used an open human resource system as an example and listed its characteristics and dynamics. These characteristics included Internal Interdependence, Capacity for Feedback from the customer, Equilibrium, Equifinality, and Adaptation.
The article then proceeds to discuss ways to go about Applying the Systems Framework to Managing Organizational Behavior. This section defined the elements and discussed how the concept of alignment can be applied in diagnosing and resigning organizations.
The section of the article that interested me the most was the Context for Organizational Design section. This section discussed how business goals and strategy are the first consideration in developing organizational effectiveness. Business strategy was defined as the means by which the firm has chosen to distinguish itself from its competitors.
The next consideration for an organization’s effectiveness is the general manager’s and top team’s effectiveness imposing a constraint on organization’s improvement efforts. The managers and top team members have to be consistent with what they are asking others to do. At times management team members will need to be replaced to achieve an effective organization.
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