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othello self deception

ago deceives everyone in the play, leading to his capture and the (arguably unnecessary) death of many people.
Othello lets himself be deceived by Iago, and would rather believe him than the wife who he claims to love (self-deception).
Desdemona notices the changes in Othello, but doesn’t confront him about it as she wants to be a good wife (self-deception).
Roderigo knows he can’t ever be with Desdemona but continues to pursue her, which allows him to be a pawn in Iago’s plot and easily manipulated. But you should consider whether it is the characters deception that lead to the tragedy, or the other way around. (Many critics argue that Shakespeare devised his plays with an ending in mind, then shaped the characters around thathello is also a study in self-deception. Iago, Roderigo, Othello, and Brabantio are victims of self-deception. Brabantio is a character who is entirely self-deceived. He is of the view that his daughter, Desdemona, will follow his command and forsake her new husband. Though Iago is an arch-deceiver in the play, he is also self-deceived because he fails to understand the true nature of his wife Emilia. He does not realize that Emilia would be the means of exposing him. Roderigo, too, is self-deceived in as much as he thinks that he can gain the love of Desdemona and possess her, even after her marriage to the Moor. Othello, however, is the most self-deceived of all, for he does not accept the innocence and purity of his lovely young wife. He believes that Desdemona has been unfaithful because he is black, mysterious, and older. In truth, none of these things matter to Desdemona. She loves Othello deeply and purely for who he is.
While Iago demonstrates the usual understanding of deception with his attempts to trick other people, both Othello and Desdemona are victims of the more unique and personal ruse of self-deception. Yet, as the play comes to an end with every character caught in a web of deceit, we see that Iago is also…

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