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Paying College Athletes

Paying College Athletes
For years there has been a debate whether or not college athletes should or should not be paid. Life in college is hard, busy, and stressful, reason why there must be a way to make any college student feel better. College athletes, for example, have one of the busiest four years of their lives compared to any other regular student. Paying college and university athletes will be beneficial, and will improve the performance of these student athletes both on the field or court, and in the classroom.
The main reason that can make a college athlete’s life even more stressful than it already is compared to any other regular student that does not play sports is their issues. Student-athletes have one of the most difficult schedules because of the fact that they are always busy.
Their schedule and daily routine is to wake up early in the mornings before classes even start, which could be anywhere around 5am, go out and condition. Maybe take an hour run, or lift weights, etcetera. Then go take their regular hours of class in the campus. Once classes end, they have to go straight to practice, and practices may end at 6pm or later. After that, they go to their home and work on any homework or study for a test. An advantage non-athlete students have is that they have more free time to get a job and make some extra money. On the other hand since college athletes do not have the time to get an extra part-time job, is one of the reasons why they should be paid.
Once the season begins, these athletes are now the face of the university. They will be seen in television, heard in the radio, come out in magazines and news papers, and this is a way to help recognize their university. It is incredible to see that there are more fans for college sports than there are for professional sports, and these athletes should be treated as the professionals they are by receiving a pay for their work input in the field or court. As these students are representing…

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