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Persuaders Film Response

Persuaders Response Advertising companies constantly struggle with ways in which to differentiate themselves. “The more messages they create the more they have to create to reach us; it has led us to a vicious circle of clutter”. Companies strive to “break through the clutter”, which in turn Just creates more of a mess. Companies use tactics such as guerilla marketing, an alternative plan to grab consumer’s attention. This method takes an “in your face” approach, something out of the ordinary. In “The Persuaders”,

Frontline discusses such techniques and companies’ approach to influence consumers. Song is a new airline that was created as a breakthrough”to provide the consumer with more choices by making flying a more elaborate experience. In order to do this the airline hired Andy Spade to help differentiate advertising when targeting consumers’ heads versus their hearts. He used tactics such as lovemarks and guerilla marketing; he sent green men dressed up into the Boston parade and created commercials and advertisements to promote Song.

Ultimately Song failed, ut Spade was successful in demonstrating how to market individual publics and why or why not certain techniques were effective. Persuaders also use emotional bonding to create an identity and provide a false sense of fulfilling our needs. They market in a way that will appeal to our emotions and values. Douglas Atkins discusses cult-like brands and how they influence influencers. Companies such as Apple, Saturn, Volvo, and Harley-Davidson create “cults” where one becomes a part of a family or lifestyle in purchasing their products, enerating loyalty to their company.

This also relates to lovemarks, a concept that tells the consumer that once you are in, you are in for life. “A lovemark is a brand that has created loyalty beyond reason, that’s infused with mystery, sensuality and intimacy, and that you recognize immediately as having some kind of iconic place in your heart”. They do this by providing the machine, forcing the consumer to later buy new parts. This creates a need to keep products alive. Take Gillette razors for xample: the blades are expensive and it is a product that needs constant replacing, whereas the razor itself is cheap.

Clotaire Rapoille briefly discusses his theory or “reptilian code”, that we are driven by our unconscious desires and why we, as consumers, buy certain products. He conducts a three-stage experimentation, asking people to define luxury. The first stage is the core test, wherein he asks the consumers to define luxury on a surface level. He then taps into emotions that we feel when we think of luxury, and then ends ith our primal urges”our “reptilian” urges.

Frank Luntz uses language to work around issues. “He figures out what words will best sell an issue, and he polls them and he tests them and he focus groups them and he comes up, issue by issue, with how to talk about it and how not to talk about it. Look, for years, political people and lawyers – who, by the way are the worst communicators – used the phrase “estate tax. ” And for years, they couldn’t eliminate it”. The reason they could not eliminate this tax was that the public did not support

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