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Petition of Rights

The Petition of Rights aided with shaping the ideas of present-day ordered government, a regulation where local governments or municipalities are still created to help maintain order. This petition has helped ordered governments decide whether or not creating police forces, insurance agencies, tax collector offices, and a variety of other companies would support their said governments. Ever since this petition was accepted into the United Kingdom, for example, the King who ruled England before the said petition was passed was no longer given the freedom of hoice to exile or imprison any man from his kingdom.

No high ruler would unfairly sentence a man to death by means of violent, physical abuse Just because they were unable to pay a certain sum of tax money that the king “needed”. The Petition of Right is what helped shape ordered governments because if there were no security people (i. e. policemen), there would most likely be a huge amount of havoc and chaos set loose across the United Kingdom up until this day. The Petition of Rights also helped shape the ideas of limited governments.

For xample, since a limited government is when humans are believed to have certain rights that said government cannot take away, it is one of the main reasons as to why the Magna Carta was made to be passed in the first place. Limited governments contain a society of people that definitely won’t tolerate being told what to do with rules and laws, so the Magna Carta helped establish a more organized a healthy lifestyle for those in favor of a limited government.

In addition, the Founding Fathers of the American Constitution had always regarded the Magna Carta as a landmark on he road to limited government; though no matter what, there are almost no limited governments throughout the world in todays time. In a representative government (a form of government where the powers of the sovereignty are delegated to a body of men, elected from time to time, who exercise them for the benefit of the whole nation), the Petition of Rights has helped a great deal.

Within the United States, one is able to vote for one of two presidential candidates of their choice as well as vote in a variety of things that they are allowed to be part of making a decision in. Although most people in the United States may be able to decide, for instance, whether a person gets sent to death penalty or not (for whatever crime it is they committed that’s therefore considered eligible for a trip to the death penalty), it is still Judge’s final decision that will ensure the fate of the said person.

The Petition of Rights in the United States has, with no doubt, helped solidify the safety and well-being of every American citizen as long as they are able to take part in voting for things they think they deserve to have a say in. To sum it all up, this important document helped fuel the American Revolution. The Petition of Rights was used to write the American Bill of Rights. The petition was revolutionary in its own right.

From that moment on, people would insist on the rights that were given to them by this said important document passed by England. So, it was when the colonists complained they were paying taxes without representation; it was also controlled by a standing army in time of peace. They were demanding rights that nad been promised to all Englishmen accept these rights. . Overall, all tuture rulers ot Englan d nad to

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