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Proposal on How to Alleviate Delay

The at-grade intersection form over 90% of the road network in the nation’s highway system. It plays an important role in the road network, where traffic flows in different directions converge. It is imperative that where two or more roads meet, there is always a need to make a provision for intersections design in other to channel traffic into different streams. Due to several interaction that takes place between road users and traffic control systems, capacity of intersections are always much lower than that of their approach carriage way.

This often results into serious delay due to reduction in capacity. Report shows that the nation’s population has increased seriously from the last census conducted, so also is the population of resident of Akure metropolis. This, however, increased the vehicle ownership and traffic volume in the links has increased dramatically due to continuous high speed growth of her economy, which causes traffic congestions and often results into serious delay of the road users. The transport infrastructure put in place in the city of Akure hasn’t been able to ameliorate traffic congestion in the city, especially at the city center.

The improvement in the income of civil servant and the windfall arising from it to the rivate sector also has shown that there is rapid rate at which people bought vehicles. This has brought increase in vehicle within the state. With the increasing trend of vehicle, it is certain that the design volume of most intersections wouldn’t be able to cater for the present traffic situation especially during the peak periods of the day. This constitute to the delay experience often at the citys intersections.

Intersections in this country are operated through traffic control signals or by traffic warden, but most intersection within the city of Akure is under the operation on traffic officers. These two forms of control systems are sometimes found to be inadequate and irrelevant during the peak hour of the day, especially when the traffic volume of the approach lane to an intersection is beyond the design traffic volume. Inadequate traffic control system or improper channelization of traffic, however, sometimes creates more problems than they can solve.

Today at most intersections, it is understood that unnecessary stops and delays lead to drivers discomfort particularly under extreme traffic condition, thereby increases travel time and fuel consumption rate. This is always as a result of insufficient capacity of these ntersections and often led to drivers and pedestrian discomfort. This has caused many road users their precious time, as the adage says “Time is money’. Civil servant and business executives are sometimes deprived access on time to their offices and businesses due to endless time mostly spent at the nation’s intersection.

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