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Psychology and Points

Course grades are comprised of the following components: (1) 4 Tests (100 points each): Tests will cover the information presented in both the lectures and the text. Each of the four tests will cover the unique section of material outlined in the syllabus, is worth 100 points, and will consist of multiple choice questions (approx. 80% of each test) and short answer essays (approx. 20% of each test). Item content will focus on central concepts, definitions, and theories of psychology. The final exam is simply Test #4 and not comprehensive in nature. For each test, you will need the Mini Essay version of the Scantron form. Please arrive on time for tests because no one will be allowed to take the test after the first person turns in his/her test & leaves the classroom. (2) 8 Quizzes (40 points total): Eight in- class quizzes will be administered between each of the four tests. These quizzes may be announced or unannounced. There are no make-ups for missed quizzes, regardless of the excuse. Each quiz is worth 5 points for a total of 40 possible points by the end of the semester.

Quizzes will comprise multiple choice and short answer essay questions. (3) 2 Journal Article Critiques (50 points each): In order to complete his assignment, students need to: (1) find an article from a psychological Journal involving one of the topic areas covered during class up to the due date of the assignment; (2) summarize the article according to purpose, participants, method, results, and discussion; (3) provide a critical analysis of the article; and (4) attach a copy of the article to the critique itself.

Article critiques are to be 2-5 pages in length, typed, double spaced, and written in APA format (see handout distributed in class for more information). (4) Research Participation (60 points total): Introductory sychology students are required to participate in ongoing psychology research projects. To receive full credit, you must complete 3 credit hours (180 minutes) of experimental participation. You will have several opportunities to participate in experiments throughout the semester (experiments will vary in the amount of credit time offered).

Please check research availability on the Experiment Sign-up Bulletin Board located next to the Psychology Lab (Penland Room 206). As the availability of research hours is uncertain, it is important that you begin participating in research s soon as possible (do NOT wait until the end of the semester). 0 If you do NOT wish to meet this requirement by participating in psychological research, you may complete an additional Journal article critique, providing in-depth analysis of the research described within the article, as an alternative method of attaining the 60 points.

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