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Qwertyuiop Short Story Analysis

Young, small in stature and mouse-coloured – easily overlooked. Had a diploma from Belmont Secretarial College (single ‘O’ Level). Her teacher, Mrs. Price had no high hopes for her as she had weak typing skills. No confidence in herself initially.

Ambitious – she wants to have a new lifestyle and stop being poor. Enthusiastic about work – she is very punctual and responsible. She has determination and strength of character especially when challenged. She is a brave person – to get rid of the spirit haunting the typewriter. Loving daughter. Sympathetic and understanding. She has initiative to solve problems – she communicates with Miss Broome atiently and made up stories to make the spirit leave. 0 Harry Darke. Had been working with the Ross and Bannister’s firm for 30 years .

Retired but Part-time messenger, office boy, tea maker, mender of fuss. helpful. 0 Miss Broome. The former secretary at Ross and Bannister’s. Had been the secretary there for 43 years. Quite annoying but Retired and had died but she could not let go of her post; came back to disturb the new secretaries, scaring them using the electric typewriter.

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