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R/Hr vs H/Hr

Do Harry and Hermione have a date? ” No! They’re, they’re very platonic friends. But I won’t answer for anyone else, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Because this quote was given to us on MPR radio on Nov. 0th 1999, many wish to elieve that this ONLY refers to her (then) upcoming novel Goblet of Fire. (GOF was published July 8th of 2000. ) Considering that she stated very clearly when she was referring to something that only applied to GOF in this interview, and the rest of the time was talking about the series as a whole (*1) there is no authentic reason to believe this quote only referred to GOF other than desperately wanting it to. (l have yet to see anyone cite any kind of actual evidence that this quote only referred to GOF other than the possibility that it could. (If anyone has evidence, please do post it. She also infers that there is someone else who WILL have a date with Hermione and WILL NOT BE Very platonic friends’ with her. – The phrase ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink traditionally can be translated ya know what I mean? When someone says this, it means you already have the info, and should know that the person is hinting at something specifically. In this case the ‘nudge, The thing is, as this is before GOF came out she couldn’t be hinting at Krum, as we hadn’t been introduced to him yet. Who was that ‘nudge, nudge’ referring to?

Who was that ‘anyone else’ she ‘[wouldn’t] answer for? Well, who else is Hermione friends with? Let’s see… She seems to talk with Neville occasionally. And Hagrid… She’s talked to Ginny… OH! WAIT A MOMENT! RON! Yes… yes, she does happen to be very good friends with Ron Weasley. Perhaps he is the ever elusive ‘anyone else’ that she won’t speak for. He’s the only person that it makes sense for her to be hinting at in such a way. That having been said, let us pretend for a moment that this quote only was referring to Goblet of Fire, Just for the fun of it.

If it did, that means that Hermione would be non-platonic friends with someone who as already established in the series. But wait! THAT never happened in GOF. She and Ron never dated in GOF. Also, if the quote only refers to GOF, then that also means that every bit of ‘romantic evidence’ there is to support H/Hr from that whole novel must be negated, as none of their actions are anything more than the platonic actions of a friend. The kiss she gave Harry was not romantic. It was platonic. When he found her to be attractive, it was not in a romantic way.

It was in a platonic way. So, if you support H/Hr and believe that this quote only refers to GOF, then you cant ay anything between Hermione and Harry in that book was romantic between the characters as they were platonic friends. *I(Only 2 out of 21 or so questions had to do specifically with GOF, And it was very clearly indicated when she was talking about GOF or not (as either the question would say ‘in the next book or she would say ‘in Goblet of Fire’) But then, there’s this quote: Q: Does Hermione like Ron as more than a friend? A: The answer to that is in Goblet of Fire!

Well, that means that from Hermione’s actions in GOF we can tell whether she likes Ron as more than a friend or not. This also can tie into the ‘Does Hermione love Harry or Ron’ quote. According to JKR it is rather obvious. Also, Hermione either loves one or the other. If the answer to ‘does she likes Ron as more than a friend or not’ is in GOF, and we know for certain that in that book Hermione and Harry ‘[are] very platonic friends, but JKR Won’t answer for anyone else, nudge, nudge, wink, wink,’ that means that someone in GOF is NOT a platonic friend.

Someone who was already established in the series before GOF came out. That also means that someone who was already established in the series was to go on a date with Hermione. But wait! No one already established in the series had a date with Hermione. all signs point to yes. By using our skills of logic, it means that this quote couldn’t only refer to GOF. That means that for the whole series Harry and Hermione are nothing more than platonic friends. It also goes to mean that Ron and Hermione will be ‘more than friends’ and are not “very platonic friends. Here’s another quote that ties into this: Q: Is it Just me, or was something going on between Ron and Hermione during the last half of Goblet of Fire?

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