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I chose the article about the “Syrian rebels claim control of air base” from what we have been talking about in class, about all the problems Syria has been having with the Al-Qaida. After a few weeks of fighting, the rebels gained a major foothold against the Al Nusra. On Friday the 11th Syrian rebels attacked and seized Taftanaz. A strategic air base , located in the northwestern Idlib province. They put a stop to all enemy air assaults against the Syrian rebels from the base. The FSA or the “Free Syrian Army” commented on Friday via Skype there is no presence from the regime. I personally think this a great thing for their people, they have been put through so much shit from Al-Qaida that it sickens me. I hope one day that they gain full control of their country and drive them out once and for all. I also think America should step in even more than they already are if they haven’t and put a stop to this needless fighting.My perspective on this is also a bit iffy since its not happening here in the United States. But at the same time it is happening here, just not out in the open for all to see and witness. All the new laws that will be coming soon, when President Obama goes into office again will probably ignite an uprising or another Civil War. In which i hope it ends with little to no blood shed unlike what is happening over in Syria and what happened in the past.

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