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Based on this passage, I predict that Blake and his brother weren’t always so close considering they were almost a decade apart in age, and that even though they weren’t close, he still misses him and remembers the memories from long ago. “l do this because I am a Muslim woman who believes her body is her own private concern. The point that the author is trying to make is that her body is ers and she should not be Judged on her gender, clothing, beauty, etc. but, as a person instead. “Many who today hear me somewhere in person, or on television, or those who read something IVe said, will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade. ” The point that the author is trying to make in this passage is that you can get an education no matter what, even in prison or at home. Also, this point seems important because everyone should know how possible it is to become educated, even if you aren’t in an actual classroom.

Critical Thinking Questions Answers Critical Thinking Question for “A Brother’s Murder”: Consider the opening paragraph and the last three paragraphs of this essay. In what obvious way are they related? What other stories, true or fictional, can you think of that are framed in a similar way? The opening paragraph and the last three paragraphs of this essay are related in the way that he is still talking about his brother’s death, and about him protecting him. I believe that he did indeed try to protect him, because he had already told him that he feared for his life.

Critical Thinking Question for “My Body is My Own Business”: In hat ways does your own ethnic or social background affect other people’s assumptions about you? What examples from your life can you use to illustrate those assumptions? How does your background affect your own assumptions about yourself? In my opinion, your own ethnic or social background can affect other’s assumptions about you because of “stereotypes. ” There are plenty of stereotypes about all kinds of ethnicities and that has a lot to do with other’s assumptions about you. For example, African American’s and slavery.

For some people that may cause hem to assume things about that certain ethnicity. Critical Thinking Question from “A Homemade Education”: Describe your own best learning experience. How has it affected your life? My own best learning experience would be changing from a public high school, to an online high school. When I went to a public high school, I wasn’t the friends. My sophomore year of high school I started going to school online. That was the greatest learning experience for me, because it taught me how to manage my time and I became self-disciplined which helped my grades go back up and helped me graduate 2 years early.

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