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World War I was more important to European countries because it took place largely in Europe. European countries were at the center of the war. Terrorist group were popping up in European countries causing havoc in many European countries. World War I was a war that was fought largely in Europe, and was centered on two main alliances, The Central Powers which consisted of the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary, and the Allied powers that consisted of France, the Britain Empire, Serbia Russia, and eventually the United States.

Most of the battles of World War I took place in the trenches in many different locations around Europe. The majority of the casualties from World War I were in fact European, there are still mass grave spread out around different European countries. World War I is more important to European countries because the war started in Europe thanks to the assassination of the Archduke Fraz Ferdinand who was in line for the throne of Austria, Fraz Ferdinand was assassinated by the Black Hand terrorist group of Serbia, Austria would give an ultimatum to Serbia who would then go to

Russia for support thus starting a chain reaction that led to the Central Powers and Allied Power being formed. Many boarders of countries were reformed thanks to the war when members of the Central Powers, especially the German Empire would overtake surrounding countries, and would make deal with other countries to take over other surrounding countries such as the Germans attempt to sway Mexico in helping takeover the United States. In my opinion this is why World War I had such an impact in European countries, because it consisted largely of European countries, as well as starting in Europe, and was even largely fought in Europe.

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