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Which of the 34 strengths from your Strengths Based Leadership text did you expect to find applied to you, prior to taking the assessment? Refer specifically to the strengths presented in the textbook in your response. Briefly identify and describe each of your five top strengths. Describe how you use each of your five strengths. Which of them do you believe you use most frequently? Were the results of your assessment consistent with your expectations? Explain. What did you find particularly surprising or interesting about the results?

Write a self-reflection describing the results you agree with, and those you do not. Explain why you are in agreement and in disagreement. Attach a copy of your results summary from the StrengthsFinder 2. 0 Assessment to this assignment. Complete and submit your assignment as an attachment. You are also required to submit your assignment to Turnitin (u04a1 StrengthsFinder Assessment Results-Final report for instructor). Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and include a minimum of two sources other than your textbook.

Format your paper according to APA 6th edition style and formatting guidelines. The 34 strengths from my Strengths Based a Leadership textbook did I expect to find applied to me, prior to taking the assessment are achiever, adaptability, learner, responsibility, and self-assurance. I feel all these strengths I chosen applied to me because with learner is like ideal role that achieve in a everyday life. The strengths presented in textbook in my response with achiever is like someone who need be a achievement.

For example when I wake up I consider myself to nothing zero by end of day or the week I feel I have achieve something to make me feel good inside of me. No matter how rough the day was it will bring down to be achiever. Adaptability is able to adjust new changes to set your mind and to see what is out there to create a choice that right for you. Adaptability make stay productive even though sometimes it pull you away in many different directions. Learner is like someone who loved to learn. One thing about a learner everyone want to be a learner and learn something.

I wanted to learn piano lesson in which I did then it pass on to be a learner to my son to teach him to play the piano. Learner have something that drawn a person to learn nything they want is could yoga, piano lesson, or cooking class. Responsibility is like having a duty to deal with something or having control over someone. Responsibility is a big step to take action if a person can’t it they should not depend on that person because there was responsible enough and apologizes is not good enough. But if a person selective the right person to new responsibility then work could be done.

Self-Assurance is like self-confidence. Is like the deepest part of a person is have find faith in your strengths. Sometimes when you look at the world or go by a beach to hink only you can think what is happening no one can’t tell what you are thinking. Another thing no matter what situation you make it always seems the right decision. My top five strengths are: Deliberative, Futuristic, Harmony, Input, and Developer. Deliberative are best described by the serious care they take in making decisions or choices and they anticipate the obstacles.

Futuristic inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future. Harmony look for consensus and they don’t enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement. Input have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information. Developer recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements. I use each of your five strengths with deliberative am a private person don’t share my information to anyone.

I plan myself ahead of time Just in case something might go wrong I something to back it up. Futuristic I am very inspire of my about my future might hold for me and inner thoughts that excite me the most. I surround myself with people who is eager to put their vision into motion. Harmony I like to talk down o earth of whatever matters that I can agree to and I can build my own. Input is gathering information that interest you it can be things you loved like baseball cards, trophies, antiques dolls, or cars.

Sometimes collecting stuffs might interest to a person but down line it might not worth anything. I do research on Jobs that interest me to gather answers. Lastly, developer a person that develops something like working in progress that keep you going. I look for many ways to challenge and develop with people and look for signs and growth to develop my behavior. The once I believe I use most frequently deliberative and developer. The results of my assessment consistent with my expectations I stay focus on my performance.

I did find my strengths and weaknesses also it help me to understand how they execute tasks, build relationships, influence myself, and think to solve problems. I find particularly interesting about the results to find out my strengths it had puzzle with the results that assessment that give to me all of themes was correct about me. When I got back results at first I was like these themes did fit my categories, but while I did my research all these themes suite me well. My expectations I learn a lot about assessment about myself it was educational and hangelling experience.

In my conclusion, my self-reflection describing the results I agree with, is deliberative is set to tends my limits to myself more private person. I feel when you are a private person no one don’t need to know much about private life. One thing about deliberative I observe people to those annoyed me by investigate, study, or think through it what kind individual person they are. Reference Rath, T. , ; Conchie, B. (2008). Strengths based leadership. New York, NY: Gallup Press. http://www. strengthsquest. com/content/File/143324/ All_34_Themes_Full_Description. pdf

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