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Essay Unit 2According to Chapter 1, what is the difference between reflective and unreflective engagement on the matter of religious questions? How does this question help to further distinguish between religious “believers” and “non-believers”? Is the distinction useful? Why or why not
According to Reason and Religious Belief, the definition of religion is constituted by a set of beliefs, actions, and experiences, both personal and collective, organized around a concept of an Ultimate Reality that inspires or requires devotion, worship, or a focused life orientation. Basically religion is an organized activity that involves other people participation and belief. It is a belief system that is held by a group of people who publicly share common knowledge of God’s standards. Religion is an important part of life for many people just to function on a daily bases. Even people who are not all that religious by nature consider it to be important. The odd part is that many people are not actually clear on what a religion is. In addition most religions have an ethical component that teaches people how they are expected to live. This means that the most important thing is that the person believes the teachings of the religion; while in other cases it is more important what a person does than that they actually believe what is being taught.
Religion is a type of belief system, however not all belief systems are religion. Then it is clear to state for religion to prosper the connecting component that instill religion is belief. What is belief in the religion aspect? Religious Belief is a strong conviction, feeling, hope and expectation in a supernatural power or powers that control, help, manage a person life. In Reason and Religious Belief there are five basic areas to distinguish the cause. According to Reason and Religion belief, first humans find themselves in a predicament; second humans need a way to resolve the predicament; third, there exists…

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