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Rhetocial analyisis

Where each employee who is participating gets a letter from a kid. And in the letter they are saying what they would really like for Christmas and my mom will get them exactly what they want and mail it out to the kids. She has received thank you letters in the past for the generous gifts. 2 years ago my mom and I walked the pet cancer walk in Brooklyn with our two dogs Max and Madison and raised over 500 dollars ith the help of family members, friends and co-workers.

Donating is a great feeling, sometimes you can’t do it but that’s 0k what really matters is when you have the opportunity to do so, you do. ‘V. Conclusion A. Donation is a very commendable thing to do and it really says what kind of person you are. There is no such thing as a donation too small either. Just 50 cents can get medicine for someone in another country, or food. Also, remember its not a ompetition to see who gives the biggest donation or sum of money.

People who do it just for the recognition are probably the people who are stealing your money so be careful with that. The people who have nothing appreciate the littlest things so much better then we do. We should enw them and instead it’s the other way around. B. Power Punch – Take Blind people for example, they may be blind but I believe they see clearer then any of us.

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