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Problems have and will continue to exsist all over the world. Throughout history, global problems have posed major challenges for nations and regions. There are many causes to the global problems expirenced in the world just as there are many effects. Both genocide and environmental pollution have posed major challenges for nations and regions of the world.
A global problem that has impacted world history is genocide. One major cause of genocide is extreme nationalism. Nationalism is the belief that people should be loyal mainly to their nation, that is, to the people with whom they share a culture and history, rather than being loyal to a king or an empire. Nationalism unites people of a similar culture together and motivates them to take action. It is also the big cause of independence movements, therefore; creating new countries and destroying prior empires. Nationalism has also created beliefs such as the white mans burden. These are the ideas that stronger and more advanced countries/cultures feel towards weaker countries/cultures. It is the more industrialized peoples beliefs, that less advanced people can not exist without the help of a stronger more advanced nation. Events such as the Treaty of Versailles caused extreme nationalism in Germany. At this meeting Germany was blamed for everything that occurred in WWI. Germany was no longer allowed to have an army or a navy and they had to remove their troops from the Rhineland. Germany also lost a lot of land because of the provisions set by the treaty. They lost land to the creation of the new country of Poland, France received their land back, they lost many of their colonies overseas, and Germany was left paying huge sums of money to help with the damages in other countries due to the war. This enraged the German people creating a great sense of nationalism. One man by the name of Adolf Hitler was especially upset by these new regulations. Hitler rounded up the German people, giving speeches that were…

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