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Shatrunjay – Palitana

Shree SatrunJay Mahatirth, Palitana, Guajarat The SatrunJay Mahatirth, Palitana temples are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community. There are more than1300 temples located on the ShatrunJaya hills, exquisitely carved in marble. The main temple on top of the hill, is dedicated to 1st tirthankar lordAdinath (Rishabdeva). Picture – The Jain temples of Mount ShatrunJaya, at Palitana Picture – Different views and types of Jain temples (Samovasarn) The Palitana temples are considered to be the most sacred tirtha (pilgrimage place) by the Jain ommunity.

There are hundreds of temples, with estimates ranging between 863 and 1,008. They are arranged in systematic groupings with variation in height and space. The buildings are carved in marble and are considered to be prayers in stone. They are grouped in nine separate wings or tuks, each wing having a separate central shrine or temple with minor shrines surrounding it Picture – The main shrine of Palitana The Adinath temple, which venerates Rishabha, is the main temple (in the apex of the northern ridge of the complex) in the complex and is the grandest The Adishvara

Temple, dated to the 16th century, has an ornamented spire; its main image is that of Rishabha. The Chaumukh temple, built in 1616, has a four-faced Adinatha image deified on a white pedestal, each face turned towards the cardinal directions. Vimal Shah temple is a square structure with towers. Saraswatidevi temple, Narsinh KesharJi temple, and the Samavasaran temple, with 108 life-sketches in sculpture, are also notable Picture – View of Pilgrims ascending SatrunJaya hill in Palitana, Gujarat, India

Every devout Jain aspires to climb to the top of the mountain at least once in his lifetime because of its sanctity to attain nirvana. The code for the climbers is strict, in keeping with the rigours of the Jain faith. Food must neither be eaten nor carried on the way. The descent must begin before it is evening, for no soul can remain atop the sacred mountain during the night. Picture – View of pilgrims ascending SatruJaya Hill with Palitana Town in the Background On one special day (Fagun Sud 1 ), which commonly talls in February/Marcn, housands of Jain followers visit the temple complex to attain salvation.

Three times as many pilgrims come at this time, which is also called “6 Gaon” which is ” 18 kms ascend and descend. Picture – View of the very Holy “ShatrunJay Taleti” God placed his feet first Jains refer to their temples as Derasar. – The Start of the mountain where ShatrunJaya, the name for Mount ShatrunJaya where it is located, means a “place of victory” or “which conquers enemies”. There are 108 names of ShatrunJaya but only some of them are in common use.

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