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Name:Date:Instructor’s Name:Assignment: SCIE211 Phase 3 Lab ReportTitle: Sources of CO2 Emissions
The purpose of this laboratory report is to discuss the results of the trend assessment of global CO2 emissions from 1999 to 2003. The results concentrated on the annual change of CO2 emission not only from flaring of waste gas, limestone uses and cement clinkers but also include fossil fuel combustion and other sources such as greenhouse gases effects.
Carbon dioxide is one of the leading gases responsible for increasing global warming. The emission of carbon dioxide have increased in the past decade at an average of 2.7 percent annually. Industrialized countries are the leading emitters of CO2 into the atmosphere, these include China which emits 29 percent, United States contributing 16 percent, the European Union making 11 percent, India contributing 6 percent, the Russian Federation contributing 5 percent and Japan contributing 4 percent.
HO: cement clinker, flaring waste gas and fossil fuel combustion are the major source of carbon dioxide globally.
HA: cement clinker, flaring waste gas and fossil fuel combustion are not the major sources of carbon dioxide globally.
This laboratory report followed Bacon and Bhattacharya (2007) methodology where CO2 emission was expressed as follows;Where:
E1 = the amount of CO2 emitted from sources annually in country i,
FF1 = the amount of fossil fuel consumed,
TE1 = the total primary energy supply for domestic consumption,
GDP1 = gross domestic product,
POP1 = population
The quantity of CO2 detected in the base station was recorded over a period of time. The annual emission of CO2 was achieved by adding up the monthly emission at the end of twelve months.
The results obtained was analyzed and presented in tabulation.
The results revealed that there is an increase in the emission of CO2 globally in…

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