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Sports Fans

Course: English Composition
Classification of Sports Fans
Classification of sports fans is not necessarily divided into documented classes but rather develops from the different character traits individuals develop and portray during their interactions in activities relating to the different sports activities. Certain patterns, which are seen in individuals, have been used as a basis to identify fans as either committed or passive. Committed fans are really dedicated to watching a sport and may even be affected psychologically in situations where their favorite team or player does not perform well. Passive fans normally are in it for the fun aspect or passing the time. The passive fans normally will not be affected to great lengths as compared to the committed and active fans. Several classes of fans can be identified under both passive and committed fans and are discussed in the paper.
Thesis statement: Sports fans are classified as either committed or passive and every type contribute towards changing the morale of the game.
There is the sports fan who acts as a coach. These types of fans exist when watching the game via cable and are also present at the sports venue. They are never short of ideas how players need to play. They will normally be seen giving instructions to the players on the field even though they may not be even close to the players Normally they will criticize a move a player makes if it does not result in the addition of points or a goal. In their argument or reasons they always indicate what the player should have done in that situation. In most cases, the coach fan may not have played the game in his entire life. The coach fan brings about an aspect of understanding and authority in the game among other fans.
Secondly, there is a class of fans that are closely associated with trouble. These are the hooligan fans normally can be identified by their level of aggression and intensity in situations where their team is…

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