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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs also known as the creator of the “Apple” products was born February 24, 1955. Shortly after Steve Jobs was born, he was placed up for adoption. It wasn’t until Steve was twenty-seven years old that he was able to find information on his biological parents. When he found his biological parents, Steve Jobs was introduced to his sister Mona Simpson. When Steve Job was young, he would work on electronics with his adopted father in their garage. Steve’s adoptive dad showed his son how to take apart and econstruct electronics.

Steve was always an intellectual person. Although his teachers had to bribe him to study, Steve Jobs always tested well and was given the opportunity to skip ahead to high school – which his parents declined. Shortly after enrolling into high school, Steve Job was introduced to Steve Wozniak through a mutual friend. Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak clicked so well because of their common interest in electronics. Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, started Apple Computers in 1976.

Apple is famous for many of its products; including the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the Macbooks, and so many other products. In 2003, Jobs discovered that he had a rare tumor. Although the tumor was rare, it was a operable form of pancreatic cancer. Instead of having surgery immediately after discovering he had cancer, Jobs postponed he surgery for over nine months. In 2004, Jobs had surgery to remove his cancer. Although Jobs was a public icon, he kept most of his person life private. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died at the age of fifty-

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