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Strategic Management

Purpose of Strategy Strategic management consists of the nalyses, decisions, and actions an organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages 1-11 QI . Purpose of Strategy, cont. Key Attributes of strategic management: Directs the organization toward overall goals and objectives Includes multiple stakeholders in decision making Needs to incorporate short-term and long-term perspectives Recognizes trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness 1-12 Q 2.

Strategic Problems Profit squeeze Revenue is down and costs are rising Cracks in the culture of the organization ? Issues How to avoid detection of the growing organization? What to do about the growing strength of the Sheriffs forces? Accept the Barons offer to Join in freeing King Richard? Impose a fixed transit tax? 1-13 Q 2. Strategic Problems, cont Expand operations away from Sherwood Forest? – Organizational communications and leadership? Kill Sheriff? – Mission linkage, replacement? Accept Barons offer? Amnesty issues, loyalty of stakeholders? Fixed transit tax? – Mission linkage? 1-14 Q3. Leadership’s Strategic Role Robin Hood needs to: ? Define the Organizational Mission – it may have changed. Rebellion has been routinized into banditry. Identify Stakeholders – focus may need to be broadened beyond Robin’s private grudge to include the needs of the district, the region, or the nation Establish Goals – depending on the stakeholders, these may include replacing the Sheriff or changing the political order 1-15 Q 4.

Analyze External Environment Assess Resources – the forest has finite resources – inputs into the organization (travelers to rob) have dwindled, especially since the rich ravelers have started avoiding it – trained manpower is scarce Assess Physical Environment – current growth has created a large encampment that can be seen for miles, now a target for attack 1-16 Q5.

Analyze Internal Organization Current Structure – functional with each lieutenant a specialist – communication is informal, Robin has no direct link to first line recruits Possible New Structure – decentralized regional operations, sub-bands with small headquarters to coordinate movements – increases flexibility, reduces chance of attack, liminates food distribution problems 1-17 Q6.

Culture and Values Founding Values – originally a missionary organization, if Robin pursues profit maximization now, the group will become thieves – original purpose created unity and spirit of daring Group Culture – group members will probably resist stealing from their brothers and fathers – members have a need for order and purpose, need to feel that their participation is quasi-voluntary 1-18 Q7.

Strategic Implementation Have a meeting with the Merrymen – explain the strategic dilemma and long term issues ? Increase organizational discipline Avoid contact with Sheriff Prepare for the possibility of ceasing operations by providing outplacement training 1-19 Q7. Strategic Implementation, cont. ? Recruit qualified leaders for new decentralized structure – involve lieutenants in the solution Recognize that mistakes will occur – anticipate costs of implementation, especially the problems of extended communication Pursue alliances beyond the current band of Merrymen – negotiate a possible change in the political order, negotiating amnesty, returning the band to legality

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