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summer break

David Krupke, a clinical assistant professor in the St. Ambrose Master of Speech-Language Pathology program, found himself on the South Dakota Plains surrounded suddenly by fast-moving Indians.And Harleys, too. Women’s basketball coach Krista Van Hauen crashed a car. And crashed it again. And again. And again. And again. Until, finally, she was awarded a nice check and a trophy.And what did you do over summer break
Members of the St. Ambrose faculty and staff made the most of their time away from campus.Some visited friends and family in exotic locales. Some just visited exotic locales.Bruce Billingsley, women’s volleyball coach and assistant athletic director, visited his oldest son, Randy, in China, where the son currently lives and works. Christine Urish, PhD, OT, professor of occupational therapy, dropped in on alum Steve Russell ’00 in the British Isles. Jessica Greenwald, PhD, assistant professor and director of the Doctor Business Administration program, saw Alaska (as any sane person should.) And Associate Professor of Education Dick Robertson, EdD, and his wife, Marg, spent 10 breathtaking days on the rim of an Icelandic volcano (and actually a few hours hiking in the volcano.) Some did Ambrosian mission work.Jodi Prosise, PhD, associate professor and chair of engineering and physical science, led a group of 16 engineering students to South America to supply adaptive healthcare solutions to under-served Brazilians. Their primary task was providing a prosthetic arm to a father who lost his limbs in an industrial accident some years ago. Mission accomplished.Juleann Miller, PhD, an associate professor of nursing, joined a youth group from the First Presbyterian Church of Davenport on a mission trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.Folks from Galvin mixed pleasure with business.Corinne Johnson, PhD, professor and chair of theatre, served as assistant director on a production of Mary Poppins,…

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