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Tactics Paper

The sport we played was basketball and we played it in the Georges-Vanier Park. The warm-up exercise was a simple game called bump. The object of the game is to score a basket before the person behind you scores a basket. If the person behind you gets it in, you are out of the game. We did not really cover any technical aspects of the game, but we did cover some tactical aspects. First of all there are 5 players on each team. What we focused on was getting open.

Which means that the person who did not have the ball had to move around to get open in order to receive a pass. tep 2 In the beginning the tactical instructions weren’t strictly followed by all the participants. It did get better the session went on after stopping a few stop mid-play to revise the instructions that were given at the start of the class. For ex; if people were not moving around as they were supposed to, we stopped immediately and explained what some participants were doing wrong. After the explanation most people were able to adjust accordingly.

Personal Journal #2 September 23st 2009 Soccer-Baseball The sport we played in this class was soccer baseball, which is made up of the same ules as baseball but using a soccer ball instead of a bat and a baseball. There was no warm-up exercise performed. We covered only the tactical aspects of the game. If you knew someone could kick the ball far, the team catching should back up a bit in the field. If you knew someone could only kick the ball 15-20 meters the team catching should move forward a bit. So the team catching should always adjust where they are according to who the kicker is.

Also if the kicker is right footed there is a tendency that he will kick to the left. Same if the kicker is left footed there is a tendency he will kick to the right. The goal of the game is to kick the ball and round as many bases as possible. There are 3 bases to round and the 4th base is the home plate. If you reach the home plate your team gets a point. The objective of the catching team is to catch the ball and get the person kicking the ball out. They do this by throwing the ball to the base to which the kicker is running to.

The rules of the game were respected but the tactical instructions were not respected at first. Certain players had to be repositioned in order to follow the proper the play and explaining what certain players were doing wrong and how they should eposition themselves to tactically perform better. Personal Journal #3 September 30th 2009 Ultimate Frisbee with a Soccer ball For this class we played Ultimate Frisbee, but instead of using a frisbee we used a soccer ball. We played the sport at Georges-Vanier Park.

The main objective of the game is to score a point by getting the ball to a receiving player in the other teams’ zone. An important rule of the game is that when holding the ball you must stand still, only the players without the ball are allowed to move around freely. Certain tactical aspects win were covered as well. The players should move around a lot to get open to be able to receive a pass. For the defending team there were different types of defence explained. One was for each player on the defending team to pick a cover a specific person on the offensive team.

Another tactic was for the defending team to leave 2 players a bit further back on defence to be able to defend against a rush. Then the tactics of the game changed a bit by putting a player from the offensive team permanently in the end zone as a receiver making it possible to score. The specific instructions concerning the rules were respected but the rules changed nd we had to reposition our self’s accordingly to the new tactical rules. There were certain instances like for the other sports where play had to be stopped to review certain tactical instructions that were given at the beginning of the class.

Personal Journal #4 October 14th 2009 Football In this class the sport we played was football. Again the location was the Georges- Vanier park. There was no warm-up exercise. As the other sports we focused more on the tactical aspects of the game, such as positioning of the players. Defensive tactics focused on everyone picking a player on the opposing team and covering that person hroughout the play. Offensive tactics were to create a play so that the team was able to score a touchdown. This included for the receivers to get into a position where they were free to receive a pass from the quarterback.

This allows the offensive to move up in field position to get closer to scoring a touchdown. Specific rules of the game that were explained included how to score a touchdown, and because the field we played on was small each team had 4 plays to score a touchdown. After those 4 plays were over the opposing team got control of the ball. During this class the rules and tactical instructions of the sport were respected riginal instructions. This was the sport where most participants understood the instructions of the rules and tactical options.

The only stoppage in play was to discuss offensive and defensive tactical options from within the teams. step 3 The rules for each and every sport played were simple. Due to the fact that there were not that many people that were able to perform the different sports to a high standard, the rules of certain sports were lacking. For example in basketball the rules that are supposed to be followed were not followed to its fullest. Rules like double ribble or traveling are very technical rules that are too advanced to follow because of the lack of technical knowledge of the sport in the class participants.

A sport like soccer baseball had simple rules and was easy to follow because of its easy nature. I can’t say that I acquired any type of knowledge for any of the sports played because of my already high level, compared to the rest of the group, in sports in general. Although it was a fun experience playing the sports it is unfortunate that they could not be played at a higher level, but that is to be expected with the variety of level in the participants of the class.

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