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Tech Savvy or Out of Touch

Buy to buy a new laptop for school; the store was busy that day. I headed over to the computer section the line at the geek squad desk was about twenty-deep, and all of the blue shirts walked heads down with a purpose, because they were helping other customers. All around boxes were flying out the cages; I wandered if they had the same purpose as me.

I wasn’t sure where to start so I went ver by the Macs Just to look at the iPads and see what else they had; after looking at the prices I moved on quickly. Feeling more at home in the pc area I begin my regimen of breaking down the laptops. I would look at where they put the usb ports, and the layout of the keyboard and mouse. I would then note the processor speed and memory as I closed the screen and would lift it to check the weight and sturdiness. Setting it back down I would check the screen lock and open it backup.

I provably checked half a dozen in his form, until I came to one that really intrigued me. I looked at this iPad thin Sony laptop the screen was smaller than the base so when it opened up the bottom acted as a stand to put the computer at an angle. I followed my standard procedure to check it out, but when I went to open the screen back up I could not find the latch. I begin to have a Zoolander moment with this computer short of dancing around it and poking it with a stick. I leave it in its closed state and look at the laptop beside it.

This was a move of reassurance, because I didn’t want to be the only one that could not open this thing. Finally after a few moments of acting as if I was interested in this laptop; a guy walks up as if her were Ben Heck, he tries the same things I have already. He then looked at me, and I act as if I have never seen this laptop before; I shrugged as if I were too busy to give advice because of my interest in my own laptop. He snags an associate from his drone bee like state long enough to ask him the question. How do you open this laptop?

At this point I felt sure of myself knowing that I was not the only one, all the while hoping for a third-person to Join the ranks; He pauses for a moment weather it was for courtesy, or because he forgot for a moment. He then slides his finger across and area in the front and it begins to light pushes, pulls, and opens the screen. It was up until this part of the day that I thought of myself as a tech sa’. n. y person, until a seventeen-year-old kid showed me something; I Just chuckled to myself, and walked away.

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