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Technology as Politics and Culture

Technology as Politics and CultureGrantham UniversityAbstract
Technology in our lives has many functions, “polypotency” trait discussed by Richard Sclove, but it permanently affects the social structure. Today everyone is trying to keep up with the “Jones’”. This is how society feels today about technology as if it the most important part of your life.
Technology as Politics and Culture
Technology in our lives has many functions, polypotency trait discussed by Richard Sclove, has permanent effects on the social structure. The most obvious instance from our daily lives, are the adolescents and technology. Technologies for teenagers were developed to assist with education and to advance certain skills. The internet, games, cellphones, MP3 players all became a second nature to them. However the convenience of all these items has opened up new concerns. Our children are now more interested in the “new gadget” developments than the education itself.
Their main concern is the ownership of the newest model. The peer pressure is now focused on who can get the latest greatest technology and that will determine the popularity and place in school hierarchy, the most important social structure for adolescents. The latest technology is the most expensive and most families can’t afford the price. This in turn has a potential to upset the relationship between offspring and parents, isolate the child from his friends, lower child’s self-image and also can affect parents social interaction with other adults due to the financial situation and not “keeping up with Jones’”. If parents decide to indulge the child and buy the newest product, they either deny themselves more important things or teach their child the importance of materialistic objects. In turn, the companies manufacturing these gadgets are more than happy to raise the price, knowing perfectly well that the market is…

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