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Teens Getting Pregnant

The Affects of Teen Pregnancy Amanda Mostrales March 15, 2010 corn 220 Teen Pregnancy is a problem in the United States. The affects could be very harmful for a soon to be mother of 10 or even 18. These affects can be as low as dropping out of school to lose of the baby or even lose of the teen’s life because something went wrong in the pregnancy. The statistics show that there are many of teens are requiring abortions or giving the babies up for adoptions. This issue has been around for a very long time and needs to be taken care of.

Teens these days hink that they need to have someone to love and take care of, Instead of having classes like child development class, and some schools even have classes that help teens take care of their own Children while they are at school. Maybe if the schools eliminate this and teach Sex Ed in younger grades then the Teen Pregnancy rate will drop. In 1998 The NationMaster. com states “that the United States is ranked number one of having the most teen pregnancies then that of 25 other Countries. ” This was based on the fact that these teens are below the age of twenty.

This is a major issue in the United States, The highest ranking state that has the most number of pregnancies as of 2000 are as followed in the graph Named State Statistics in the US. Knowing these statistics maybe the schools, parents or even Teens can do something to make sure that they are not having babies. On top of these numbers there are things that also need to bring out so if a teen does get pregnant they can know the life changing life that they will be enduring while being pregnant or even after having the baby.

Do teens really know what it takes to have a healthy baby? Well, the March of Dimes say “that teens need to change their lifestyles, that would be the way they eat, if they smoke they probably need to stop or cut down, no drinking and no drug usage. ” Smoking, drinking and drug usage has a number of affects on a baby while in Uterus, it can cause low birth weight, a baby born addicted to drugs or baby who has breathing problems can be Just some of the affects that it could cause.

Not only does it cause the problems that were Just mentioned but it ould also cause still births, premature births, miscarriages and it could cause both deaths in the baby and in the mother. There are a lot of thing to consider of teen pregnancy, one of those things would be the drop out rate of teens that get pregnant. The second thing would be how many teens have abortions and the risk of having an abortion, or if they are going to put it up for adoption. On top of all the things to consider if you get pregnant and you are a teen would be that of the health of the adoption.

It could take a toll on a pregnant teen or even on the parents of the regnant teen. When a Teen get pregnant they have many decision to make, For example some of the decision that a teen mom is going to make is am I going to keep the baby, give it up for adoption, or am I going to have an abortion. Some teens go without medical care because they don’t know how to tell their parents that they are pregnant or are afraid of telling their parents because they might get kicked out.

Teens that get pregnant are most likely to not graduate and if they do graduate then most of them will not go to a university and graduate from college. When a Teenager gets pregnant it is very hard form them to finish school if they do not have any help with the baby so they can go to school, But on the good side of this issue the schools are getting more teen-mother friendly for teens who get pregnant so they can stay in school. Some parents would say that this is contributing to the teenage pregnancy craze, and some parents say that this is a good thing.

The statistics show that out of almost one million teenage girls eighty-five percent don’t plan on having a child but fifteen percent are intentional pregnancies. Allison the Author of “Pregnant on purpose” states in her article that Some teen girl are motivated by the idea that having a baby gives the love or sense of hope of the felling that is missing, and that some of girls even think that having a baby will help keep their boyfriends around. She also states that seventy-six percent of teen pregnancies are out of wedlock and that twenty-four percent are married.

Adoption is another consequence of teen mothers because some of the teens who want their babies but have to give them up or adoption for reason only they would know feel guilty and want to have their babies back with them down the road, when this happens the depression sinks in and some even think that having another baby will help that go away. Liza of the article Teenage parents face daunting challenges writes in her article, “Studies show that sons of teen mothers are thirteen percent more likely to end up in prison, while teen daughters are twenty-two percent more likely to become teen mothers themselves.

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