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The Epic of Gilgamesh

His relation to the wild animals he shared his life with is a visual representation of the style of living during the old stone age. There was no competition over each other and where they shared peace and tranquility. In contrast, Gilgamesh who represented the New Stone Age was given the characteristics of a more aggressive, powerful, god-like fgure, which reflects on the beliefs people had during the neolithic era because of the start of social classes including the belief that some people were like gods and thus considered superior.

Gilgamesh was fearless and he conquered, Just as the rulings of all the empires in Mesopotamia during the ages. Enkidu realizes that by following and acting Gilgamesh’s footsteps he is condemned and he curses the Harlot who introduced him to civilization because he wishes to go back to his old ways, which makes sense because what was being done to him was unfair Just like the way of living including social classes is unfair and he wished to go back to his formal way of living which was he paleolithic era which was fair.

Consequently, both Gilgamesh and Enkidu were in need of each other. Gilgamesh was hurt in losing his friend because Enkidu was in part what Gilgamesh was missing. Both Gilgamesh and Enkidu served each other as a balance and after Enkidu died it was as if a part of Gilgamesh was incomplete. He then started to become more like Enkidu including his actions and the way he dressed. His quest to the mountains was like a transformation of himself recognizing the inevitable.

Enkidu helps Gilgamesh accept the fact of mortality and liberate himself from his moral standing that he had, they both reflected each other. The overall theme in The Epic of Gilgamesh is change. The adaptation of Enkidu to a different way of living; the change from a type of innocent equal ambience to a unfair complex society like the Neolithic Era. The change of Gilgamesh to recognize defeat and the adaptation to an unfair type of society that they lived in; the way of living in the Neolithic Era and the effects it had on society.

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