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The life and teachings of Moses and Jesus

Compare and Contrast the life and teachings of Moses and Jesus Jesus and Moses are two influential figures in the teachings of Christianity. They each were chosen by God to lead His people. Moses led the Israelites into the promised land and Jesus showed His people the way of eternal life through salvation. Each of their lives were filled with miracles that helped give the message of God that they were trying to portray. Jesus preached to the people of God using parables and miraculous events.

Unlike Moses, who wrote the laws of God down on the Ten Commandments, Jesus spoke to the people orally. It was not until after his death on the cross when his teachings were documented. Although the men never met, there are many similarities and differences in their lives and teachings. One similarity was that they both experienced a miracle involving food. As the story goes, Jesus went out on a boat on the Sea of Galilee for some rest and prayers. When he landed at a remote place, a crowd came to meet him.

Jesus felt compassion for this large group and wanted to feed them. He inquired how to do so and no one could help, the group rose to over 5000. “A small boy gave Jesus five small barley loaves and two small fish nd Jesus fed five thousand men. Jesus is Mighty to save and Strong to Provide. No matter how meager are your resources; God will provide (http:// christianity. about. com/od/biblestorysummaries/a/Jesus-Feeds-5000. htm). ” Moses has a similar story where he and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and lived in the wilderness for 1 h months.

The men soon got hungry and Moses prayed to God for food. God spoke to Moses and told him that he heard his prayers and would provide for them. The men received the food in the way of meat and Manna, unleavened bread. They continued to receive food throughout their service. Both Jesus and Moses showed compassion for human existence and suffering and turned to God to provide for mans’ spiritual and secular needs. One distinct difference between these great teachers was the length of time that they were able to preach.

Moses, known as God’s servant, lived a long life. He communicated directly with God and followed God’s demands. He is known for miracles and for communicating the Ten Commandments. For forty years, Moses led the Israelites through the desert, searching for the Promised Land. Moses finally died at the age of 120. Jesus on the other hand started his teachings at the age of 30. During the following three years, e too spoke to God who asked him to relay information that the Kingdom of God has come to earth and that God loves you and you should love one another.

Unfortunately, Jesus’ life was cut short by murder. He was executed at the age of 33 in Israel, alongside two convicted felons. Two amazing teachers and preachers who influenced the religion of Christianity, Jesus and Moses, although there are diversities and similarities among their teachings and lifestyles, both were united on one common ground: God’s Will and the leading of His people. From their teachings, Christianity has developed into the religion as we know it today.

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