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The solutions of CFB boiler coal feed system blocking

The solutions of CFB boiler coal feed system blocking
Circulating fluidized bed boiler appears in the environment of national energy conservation policy,and widely used in large-scale central heating,etc.However,some customers indicate that the coal feed system blocking may occur in the using of circulating fluidized bed boiler,which causes great economic losses.According to the analysis of Zhengzhou Boiler,the main reason is that the fuel coal contains too much water,the specific solutions can refer to the following sections.
Preventing the blocking of coal feeding tube inside the CFB boiler coal feeder
When the coal entering the boiler contains too much water,because the feeding tube of coal feeder is long and thin,it is easy to block,to remedy that,we can conduct the 500mm * 800mm transformation on the interface of the coal feeding tube and coal feeder upper shell plate,change the electric plug doors into the manual ones,make the coal hopper mouth bigger,change the expansion joint into the single corrugated compensator,and so on.
Improving the coal drop pipe
The air locking rotary feeding valve should not be designed on the coal drop pipe,the air lock is enough,adopting the coal distributing air and make it slantly enter the coal pipe,which can bear the flue gas sealing in furnace and reduce the coal blockage points.
Other measures
The coal bunker’s lining adopts the microcrystalline stone or stainless steel,Installing pickfront in the coal bunker,the coal feeder outlet removes the rotation feeding valve and equips with the air lock,the volume of raw coal bunker decreases properly,and so on.
At the same time,ZG,as a famous manufacturer of circulating fluidized bed boiler,indicates that when the circulating fluidized bed boiler is used to generate electricity in the power plant,to avoid the blocking of coal feeding system,the coal shed can be designed during the preparation,if you want to more,do not hesitate to contact us!…

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