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The Test / The Escape

The Test You’re standing in the middle of a room. You listen as the large metal door slams shut and a mechanical clank sounds directly after. You’re locked in but you’re not afraid. You’re actually excited. A two toned bell chimes in.
“Ding Dong”
The bell is much like the ones you hear at the school before the daily announcements. The loudspeaker that you heard crackling while walking into the room begins to crackle again.
You hear a voice. The voice was spoken with a British-English accent.
“Sir, remember, you can win one million dollars if you prove that you can escape”.
It was a male voice, probably the doctor that recruited you for the test. The voice continues.
“The rules are simple. Using only what you can find in the room, escape the area using your wits and you can go home a rich man”.
You scoff to yourself. Under a muttered breath while grinning a fiendish grin, you whisper, “This is going to be easy. I’m a chemistry teacher – I’ve gone through years of schooling and have loads of experiences. There’s no way I’m not coming out of this without a million dollars”.
“You may begin after the chime. Remove your blindfolds directly after the bells to begin your timed escape”
“Timed? This event is timed? They shouldn’t have bothered, I’m going to be out of this room in no time!”
The chime interrupts your thoughts.
“Ding dong”
“You may begin, sir”
You reach quickly behind your head and unravel the blindfold. Light begins to pour in and you are temporarily blinded. As the picture comes into focus, you begin to survey the room. A hospital bed comes into focus. With forty-five degree corners tucked away, the grey wool sheets cover the twin-sized bed. You begin to survey the rest of the room. It’s a 20’ x 20’ cell. The wall is painted a pale teal. Behind the lacquer, you recognize that the wall is actually made of cinder blocks. You whimsically whisper to yourself – followed by a confident chuckle “There’s no running through drywalls…

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