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The Whole Operation Matters of Thickener Machine Running

The Whole Operation Matters of Thickener Machine Running
Dewatering is a mineral essential to the process work, and plays a role in the thickening dewatering machine, then bear the brunt of the work. Many types of beneficiation thickener euqipments, including efficient thickener, Tilted Plate Thickener, center drive thickener and so on. The operation of these devices have a certain order, before we start running, running, and after the shutdown has some work to be done to understand these precautions can help us make better use of thickeners, and to the greatest extent enhance its efficiency. Here we take a look at Xinhai thickener experts summarize our customers concentrated machine running the whole operation issues.
we look at thickeners running before turning six checks must be done:
1, check the condition of the drum sieve, sieve drum major for screening particles;
2. Check the rubber screw pump and, if loose, the need for timely treatment;
3, check the belt, elastic belt fit should be done;
4. Check the raceway, rack if there are obstacles, and clean the top and around the thickener debris;
5, check the transmission parts and lubricate all parts, each part to ensure the thickener are in good condition;
6. Check the overflow port, mine management group or channel, to ensure smooth check rake is intact, the underflow gates should be freely switch, sealed tight, hoardings should no damage.
the thickener running five considerations:
1, the signal state of the safety device to be intact;
2, underflow gates shut, to ensure that air load the car, and then to the mine;
3. Check the thickener center, drive ministries plastic pump operation;
4, grease lubrication should be promptly and timely processing of ore packing leak.
5, to avoid debris into the thickener, the end of exile ensure flexibility mine gate open, and equipped with spare gate.
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