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Thomas Edison’s reputation

Thomas Alva Edison is a scientist that was born on February 1 lth 1874 in Ohio. His family had to move to The United States of America after the involvement of his father in many political matters. Thomas Edison lost a part of his hearing when he had a fever at the age of 1 year old as many articles indicate. They say that it was a very bad fever at that time. Some articles indicate that he lost a part of his hearing when a man pulled him by the ear to get him to a moving train. Another story and a very popular one is that there was a small explosion which led him to lose his earing.

Despite all of that he was a great scientist with great creations and inventions. He was very hard working and very ambitious as the history shows us. He was so creative and innovative that he invented a new telegraphic device by the age of approximately 21 years old and that is a very young age to create in. Also, he was working by the age of 12 years old during the civil war in The United States of America. He was distributing newspaper. He also built a small chemical laboratory at the corner of his house garage.

He was so dedicated to build his own reputation that e established his own newspaper and made two stores by the age of approximately 16 years old. The strangest point about those stores would be the idea of employing young men similar to his age at that time. Moreover, he was a businessman. He started his own factory when he was about 23 years old after selling some of his creations to the company he worked for. A year after that, he got married to a 16 years old girl that was working there. He invented so many inventions when he was 25 years old.

He continued inventing so many things until he reached to his great invention which was the light bulb. He had the idea to lighten whole New York City when he was 35 years old. He suffered a bad emotional tragedy as a result of losing his wife. Two years after that, he got married again. Then he kept on working on his inventions and providing the world by what he thought good creations. From all of that we really can see and estimate that Thomas Edison was indeed a very fascinating man. He was very hard working and very ambitious.

He was also a very good businessman who had a growing number of companies in several majors. He established a manufacturing company to manufacture electrical devices for him as a art of his plan to lighten all New York City at night time. He did succeed in a certain level but he could not accomplish everything he wanted. Despite all the wealth he made when he was young or before 40 years old, Edison was nothing but a very hard and dedicated person. When he was 81 years old he was awarded the congressional gold medal for all the creation the he had made.

Thomas Edison the great scientist passed away on October 18th , 1931. In 22nd of January 2012, there was an article published in the internet written and revised by Ron Kurtus. It was a very useful rticle. The writer divided Edison’s life into historical parts. Each and every part showed few of Edison’s reputations and the events that led to those reputations. He started from the very first year of Edison’s life pointing all the main events and the best creations and inventions. Also, the events during the civil war of The United States of America were mentioned in that article and that’s a very good thing.

The reason being is that it points out that Thomas Edison was a creative genius even under awtul circumstances such as wars. However, that article nad tew weak points hat are worth mentioning. One of them is the article discusses Edison’s life from the date he was born until the age of 40 years old and that’s kind of a weakness. Edison had a variety of events after the age of 40 years old. Actually, he was extra famous after the age of 40 years old. Moreover, the writer did not focus at the greatest invention of Edison and that is the light bulb.

He Just went through it as it was an easy thing or a normal invention but in fact it changed the world to a better and a brighter world. After few months of this article the writer decided to write another rticle discussing the age of Edison starting from 40 years old until the end of his life. One other weakness to that article is using only one single book as a reference which in this case we need more than one. Another study was published on March 1 lth 2007 by Randall Stross in New York Times newspaper. That article was different from the previous one as it discussed Edison’s life from a different perspective.

The writer divided Edison’s life regarding his creations and inventions not by history or event. The main focus of that article was to point out some of Edison’s characteristics and nventions. Therefore, the writer did not discuss much of life event of Edison. Also, the writer aimed to point out Edison’s famous reputation and explain few reasons leading to them. That particular article was very impressive. However, the article was corrected approximately twice and that shows that there were mistakes. Also, the writer did not point out the resources or references that were used in that article.

Even though the article was very rich in meaning and phrases but still there were no references to asset those meanings. One more very important thing is that the writer oncentrated on the electricity and the electrical inventions more than any other creations of Edison and I could not find a reason for that. Perhaps the reason to that is huge role that the electricity plays in our lives but I still think that it is not fair at all to concentrate on one work and abandon the others. Other than that, the article was really helpful and very clear. The writer had a very clear vision about the scientist, it seems.

Last but not least, the greatest book in my opinion about Edison which descried him in a very clear way, Thomas Alva Edison: Sixty Years of an Inventor’s Life y: Thomas Crowell. This book had everything about Edison’s life. The writer discussed so many details regarding Thomas Edison’s life. Furthermore, he mentioned so many characteristics about Edison’s personality. Also, the book is really great in explaining several steps that were taken by Edison to achieve some of his goals and his inventions. The book covered many points of Thomas Edison’s childhood and how he was a hard worker since he was a kid.

In addition to that, the book broke down Edison’s life into so many pieces with respect of clear words to roduce a clear image in every creation and invention. The book was also great in mentioning the names of Thomas’s family mates, such as his father, his mother and some of his relatives. Furthermore, the story of his first marriage was included as well in the book which gave it a better value and made the reader likes it more. The writer also put a good time and effort into explaining the business side of Edison’s wife and how that affected his personality and helped him developing his reputation and fame.

That book was really great by all meanings and it is very clear that the writer ut a lot of effort into that book to make the way it is. Finally, Thomas Edison was one of the greatest people in history. He did his best trying to improve the world. His reputation was growing up day by day due to the nard work ne was putting in himself. It is clear now that Thomas Edison is an unforgotten scientist. From all the above we can conclude that Thomas Edison overcame all the problems that were there in his time. He did not let the civil war in The United States of America stop him from achieving what he wants.

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